Day 24: From Scar to Star

“For our light affliction which is but for a moment is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.”                      

                                                                                           2 Corinthians 4:17


Do you see the transition in what Paul wrote? From pain to gain, from scar to star. Whatever difficulties we are experiencing is producing a far-reaching and more eternal value. But it requires us to change our perspective from temporal to eternal and adopting an attitude of gratitude.  You see, God is more than able to turn the negative things in our lives to positive. He is bringing about a better version of you and me, and the process is not pleasant. But when we look to God and confess that Jesus’ reigns, our painful past becomes a fruitful present that would inspire others who are currently experiencing the same painful process. 

I personally experienced it. I was five years old when I was tasked to take care of my one-year-old brother with a threat that if I fail, my hand would be cut. My left wrist was literally cut with a kitchen knife leaving a scar that remains to this day. Although the wound healed the pain caused by that experience remained making me bitter for years. But with the help of my godly wife, I was released emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Now, the scar has become a star. When I share my life’s journey to others who are bent by guilt and shamed by suffering, they find freedom and release in Jesus’ mighty name and the price He paid.

The question is, will you remain shackled in your pain, or will you let Jesus break the chain to make your scar a star and declare His glory?


Heavenly Father, help me to see things from your perspective.  Help me to understand that my current troubles are short-lived and that you are using such difficulties to mould me to be more like Jesus. Difficulty my situation be, I thank you. Thank you that you are bringing out a better version of me. Thank you for the strength and the healing that you are now giving me. I am no longer chained to my painful past and current troubles. You have set me free!  


Choose today to have an attitude of gratitude.  Think of things that the Lord has done for you and thank Him.

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