Day 33: Thursday, November 22, 2018

Living Out Generously

“And Elijah said to her; “Do not fear; go and do as you have said. But first make me a little cake of it and bring it to me, and afterward make something for yourself and your son.”

                                                                                                       1 King 17:13

Many people have developed the poverty mentality. No matter how much they have, they still think that they don’t have enough. That is the reason why some are hoarders while other are quite the opposite, they are tightfisted. Others are so afraid of poverty that they chase after wealth in panic. This pauper mentality has also stopped people from living out generously. They have forgotten to trust God with what they have and let God show them His power to provide.

In a time of drought, God told Elijah to go to the widow’s house as she will provide for him. The woman explained that she only had a bowl flour and a little oil left. She had planned to make cake for her and her son and then wait for them to die from hunger. She saw herself in the middle of a poverty crisis. But Elijah wanted to show her that she is not poor and that God is her provider. He encouraged her to give whatever she had left and trust the Lord. Elijah reminded her to take heart because the Lord has declared that she will not run out until the Lord sends rain down. This must have been nerve wrecking for someone who was facing lack. But God is a supernatural God. He requires our faith so that we may see Him work. True to His word, the miracle began. As soon as she made that very crucial sacrifice of giving food to the prophet, she saw God’s provision pouring out. God just wanted her to surrender her fear, trust, and believe in God!

When we put our faith in God and not in our resources, we will see miracles happen! When we give to God and His work, we will never lack.


Lord, help me see how rich I am in You. Let me put my faith 
In You and not in my capacity or resources. Let me see
beyond my lack that I may give in Your Kingdom.


Declare that you are rich in Christ and give to your church your tithe today.

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