Day 29: Sunday, November 18, 2018

Free to serve

“For though I am free from all, I have made myself a servant to all,
that I might win more of them.” (1 Corinthians 9:19)

Many of us when we were younger, dreamt of finally retiring by the age of 40. We hope we would have saved enough, invested enough, and be healthy enough to enjoy the good things in life. We want to be able to say “Cest la Vie!” While rarely does it ever come true, wouldn’t it be great to finally be free from life’s obligations and just enjoy?

But freedom for freedom’s sake does not usually turn out the way we expect. We end up either bored or addicted to some unfruitful thing like television, gambling, social media, gossip etc. The Bible warned us of the dangers of a life devoid of God. (Matthew 12:44-45)

Freedom is only precious and fulfilling if we are willing to surrender it for the Lord’s purposes. Our willingness to sacrifice our free time, hard-earned resources, talents, and especially our heart’s desires for the Lord’s sake is what truly honors our God. In turn, God uses our sacrifices to impact the lives around us and further His Kingdom’s gain.

Serving is not a shameful thing. Sacrifice need not be painful. They are the ingredients of a useful and fruitful life for the Lord. They are our smart investments that will reap us “eternal weight of glory beyond comparison”. {2Cor. 4:17)


Lord Jesus, thank you for the freedom you have secured for
me on the cross. Help and guide me to use this freedom
wisely that I may honor you with my time and resources.

May I be useful in your kingdom’s work, and a blessing to
people around me. Amen.


When you find yourself with free time to spare, always pray
and ask God to show you the best use of these gifts. Resist
the temptation to sauander these gifts on anything lesstnan worthwhile.

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