November 30

An event held simultaneously across the 82 provinces of the Philippines to honor ONE LORD and to declare in ONE VOICE and as ONE NATION that JESUS REIGNS!

As the day grows near for the National Jesus Reigns Celebration, we are inviting you to walk in intimacy with Jesus through this wonderful devotional on Psalm 23. May our hearts burn brightly for Jesus in this season. May you reflect and enjoy your time with the Lord through this daily devotion until we all celebrate on Nov 30!

Jesus Reigns is a nationwide community of believers whose heart is to see Jesus Christ honored and enthroned as King over the nations.

Our community cuts across churches, denominations and establishments bonded together with one vision. 


Our vision is “to see every nation consumed by the love of the heavenly Father, empowered by the Holy Spirit, seeking to honor God and worship Jesus Christ alone, and exalt the name of Jesus in righteous living as one body for individual restoration and national transformation.”

The vision is so compelling that, to date, believers in Japan, Indonesia, and the US are coming together as one body to honor and enthroned Jesus as King over their nation. 

Celebrate With Us

Come and join us as we honor Jesus Christ and promote unity in the body of Christ, reach out to the unbelievers, and declare that there is hope in Jesus. 

JESUS REIGNS: A Day of Celebration

Every year we come together as one body for a day of celebration called "JESUS REIGNS: A Day of Celebration."
On this extraordinary day, no other name but that of Jesus is magnified and exalted.
Admission is FREE.

National Worship Celebration

Every March, all the coordinators from every province and even other nations, come together as one to celebrate God’s goodness. It is a time to bring honor and praise by testifying the Lord’s powerful work in their province and give Glory to God.


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