To see every nation, consumed by the love of the heavenly Father,
empowered by the Holy Spirit, seeking to honor God and worship Jesus Christ alone
and exalt the name of Jesus in righteous living as one body for
individual restoration and national transformation.


To continue commemorating the Jesus Reigns: A Day of Celebration every year by gathering all churches and promoting unity in the body of Christ, simultaneously in every state/province of the nations. To reach out to the unbelievers and declare that there is hope in Jesus.

Core Values

In the spirit of this core value the statements below should be


Through consistent and intentional prayer and fasting, we affirm that our strength and dependence to tackle the work set for us will rest upon the Lord and not on our human might.
• Encourage all local churches, denominations, pastors, church leaders and members to pray and fast for the Jesus Reigns ministry before & during the day (if possible, 3months before or as the Spirit leads)
• Encourage the body of Christ to organize a 24/7 round the clock prayer for JR celebration in ways suitable to your situation. (ex. 24/7 HOP, Prayer chain & etc.)
• Encourage all churches & every Christian home to secure a map of the nation. Lay hands on it everyday while making prayer declaration for the Philippines “To return to God & acknowledge JESUS as THE ONLY ONE TRUE GOD & THE REIGNING KING OF OUR NATION!!!”.
• No advertisements in and around venue’s vicinity.
• No advertisements on printed promotional materials. (ex. posters, flyers, streamers & etc.)
• No introductions/acknowledgements to all participants on platform.
• No special acknowledgement to any person in the government.
• No VIP or special treatment to all participants.


No other name will be magnified or exalted except the name of Jesus. Names of individual or corporate donors will remain anonymous but will be properly acknowledged and issued receipts.


It is God’s intention for the body of Christ to work together. As members, we need each other in order to achieve greater things for the glory of God’s Kingdom. (Eph 4:3-6).
• No denomination or church should dominate in running the program/activity.
• The majority of participants must not come from one church or one denomination or ministry;
• rather, it must allow a greater involvement or participation of all participating churches and denomination.
• Everyone should be encouraged to commit & offer their time, talent and resources as living sacrifice unto the Lord & not unto men.
• No collection of offering during the event day.
• No giving out of solicitation letters.


Just like David in 1 Chronicles 21:24, who said, “ I will not take for the Lord what is yours, or sacrifice a burnt offering that cost me nothing,” the men, women, churches and establishments behind Jesus Reigns: A Day of Celebration have also committed their time, talent and resources sacrificially.


In anything and everything that we do, we will strive to achieve excellence because the Lord deserves nothing less.
• Excel in everything--in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love…” (2Cor 8:7)
• Outstanding – beyond the norm. Something that Christians would be proud of.